“Hitler-Erdogan”: Art Protest at Turkish Embassy in Berlin


Under the headline “He is here again. О, geri döndü” Pixelhelper group (est. by the artist Oliver Binkovsky) protest against the conviction of journalists in Istanbul. The peculiarity is that the Turkish President Erdogan was projected with a small Hitler’s beard on the facade of the Turkish Embassy in Berlin.


Photoshop cartoon shows Erdogan, with red and white bandage and a little Hitler beard. Along with the portrait of Erdogan, side by side with Hitler, the artists also projected poem of satirist Jan Böhmermann on the walls of the embassy.



“Projection of contradistinction between Hitler and Erdogan symbolizes the terrible crimes against humanity that make up Erdogan’s policy”, wrote artists in Facebook. 



This action, according to organizers – is a reaction of creative group to imprisonment of journalists Can Dündar and Erdem Gül who were criticizing the government. They were convicted on Friday in Istanbul for many years.