Speaking on Tuesday, she told AFP she expected that 27 EU member-states “would tell newest member Croatia that it was wrong to block Serbia.”




She said, however, that Serbia would not urge the European Commission to put pressure on Croatia.


“It is not up to us… It is up to 27 member-states to tell the 28th member-state that actually they are wrong,” Miscevic told the French agency, Tanjug reported.


“Technically speaking, yes, they (Croatia) are blocking… they are stopping the possibility to go further,” Miscevic said.


“I am not going to call it a blockade because they never formally vetoed something…. But they are doing something else, they are not giving the so-called ‘green light’ on those documents,” she said.


Miscevic said Serbia had been working on reforms as required for EU membership, but the country needed to know there “is light at the end of the tunnel, whenever the end of the tunnel is.”


“I am a very dedicated Euro-optimist… but I am also at the same time extremely frustrated,” as it took us two years to open the first negotiating chapters to begin with, Miscevic told the French news agency.




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