Somali: Car bomb attack kills at least two police officers


A car bomb killed at least two police officers in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Monday in a suicide attack on the city’s traffic police headquarters, police said.


Suspected Al Qaeda-aligned Shabaab militants


Three others were wounded during the attack, said Mohamed Nur, a traffic police officer. One of the assailants was killed in a gun fight after the blast.


“It was a suicide car bomb that hit the gate. We also shot dead an armed militant who wanted to storm the building,” Nur told Reuters.


Local residents said the front of the traffic headquarters was damaged extensively. The blast also destroyed nearby shops.


There was no immediate claim of responsibility.


The al Shabaab militant group, which wants to topple Somalia’s Western-backed government, carries out frequent attacks on military targets and civilian facilities like hotels and restaurants, mostly in the capital Mogadishu.





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