Association of Russian culture and the Russian-speaking youth in Ankara held in the Turkish capital procession “Immortal regiment” and “St. George Ribbon”.


Immortal regiment in Turkey


The action was attended by more than 100 compatriots from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Turkmenistan. During the event had been shown an exhibition of works by famous photographer Sergey Larenkov and children’s drawings, as well as the concert prepared by pupils and students, where sounded war songs and poems. On the Memory Wall, everyone could leave pictures of their grandfathers and commemorative inscriptions.


“For me it’s very touching and important day. My grandfather, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, reached the Vienna. When we, the grandchildren, asked him to tell us about the war, he always said: I do not want you or your children have experienced the horrors that we had. It is important for me that my children know about the war. They know that not the Americans won it, but the Soviet people did”, said the Chairman of the Association of Russian Culture in Ankara Larisa Lutkova-Tyurkkan.


The action was also attended by the Turkish citizens.




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