Kovač was speaking at a lecture at Poland’s National School of Public Administration, during which he tackled issues including Polish-Croatian relations, the migration crisis, and support for Croatia’s neighbours on their path to join the EU.


Miro Kovač


On Russia, Kovač said: “It’s logical and important that we uphold sanctions. Because we cannot tolerate that a country like Ukraine is still being occupied.”


Kovač said that countries on the so-called Balkan route for migrants heading for Western Europe had worked together well on the problem of refugees.


“Now I think the crisis is more or less under control. Now we have to think about North Africa,” he added.


“In Africa we have a lot of young people not having a decent life. It’s understandable these people are seeking a better life, a better future, and that better future can be [in] Western Europe. We have to develop a strategy at the level of the European Union on how to cope with that problem.”


Kovač was later to meet Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski.




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