Terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State, are trying to buy weapons and ammunition in the Czech Republic, acting through intermediaries – living in the country immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. This was reported by the electronic version of the Czech newspaper Mladá fronta Dnes.


Gun Sales


“The terrorists are looking for (the ability to buy) weapons in the Czech Republic also, – noted the publication -. Radical movements from the Middle East or Africa in search of weapons do not avoid Prague. They are using their compatriots who are living for a long time in the Czech Republic”.


At the same time, Czech companies who have state license to sell weapons may not know who really is its buyer. “We do not ask (about it)”, told the director of one of such companies, Mr. Čestmír.


It’s enough for entrepreneurs when the buyer submit the necessary documents from the authorities of the country to ensure the transparency of transactions. The seller is not possible to check whether they have been obtained by dishonest means, for example, for a bribe. As a recipient often appears Nigeria, where corruption is one of the highest in the world.


Czech public bodies exercising control over the transaction could also be misled if the buyer’s submitted package of documents contains the necessary guarantees of its transparency. 


“The fact that the weapons partially completes their way into an Islamic state, is clear to everyone. War is supported by both the parties involved in it. If the parties do not support (the state of war), the war would end, and (together with) the whole (military) industry”, Čestmír said.


Mladá fronta Dnes informed that in 2014 the Czech government bodies allowed to export weapons, ammunition and military equipment in the amount of 1.17 billion kronor ($ 50 million) only to Nigeria.




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