Around 400 protesters are expected to gather at the Brenner Pass between Italy and Austria Saturday afternoon to protest a plan to restrict access through the Alpine crossing to control the movement of migrants, police said.


A street sign reading "Austria" is pictured in the Italian village of Brenner on the Italian-Austrian border


Austria has said it plans to erect a fence at the Brenner crossing it shares with Italy to “channel” people. Part of Europe’s borderless Schengen zone, Brenner is one of the routes that migrants use as they head towards wealthy northern Europe.


Local police in Tyrol, Austria said they expected the demonstration to start around 2:30 p.m. local time (1230 GMT), meeting at the Brenner station in Italy.


Italian newspaper Corriera della Sera reported earlier this week that the protest had been organised by an anarchist group from Trentino, northern Italy, and was expected to attract demonstrators from abroad.


Austria planned to send 300 police officers to the protests but were “ready to increase the number,” Tyrol police said, adding the Italian police were prepared to send the same number.




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