NATO should send more troops to the Russian border, said former commander of NATO forces in Europe, Admiral James Stavridis during a broadcast on FoxNews.


NATO flag


According to him, Moscow hopes that the strengthening of Russian troops on the western borders will force NATO to withdraw. But it is the worst option to the alliance, Stavridis emphasized.


“We must demonstrate to Russia that will not allow her to decide whether or not the American forces should be present in the countries such as Poland, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania”, he said.


Stavridis said he was convinced that the withdrawal of US troops from Eastern Europe will follow the US withdrawal from NATO.


“Therefore, we must <…> deploy our troops there. For Russia, the deployment of additional forces is not profitable in the long term, because its economy is not too strong. <…> This is the same strategy that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall”, the admiral said.


As noted by FoxNews journalist, this strategy was used by the US President Ronald Reagan. His policy of “peace through strengthening” was accompanied by an increase of 40% of appropriations for defense from 1981 to 1985.




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