“According to the Greek information, on April 29, in the vicinity of a group of islands, located near the island of Chios, the Turkish Coast Guard vessel in violation of international law has taken aggressive actions against Greek Navy ship, as well as against fishing vessel. Provocative actions have aslo took place from the Turkish Air Force side, which conducted dangerous flights over Greek island territory”, said Zakharova during a briefing.


“Unfortunately, such behavior is perceived by the Turkish partners in NATO as a matter of course. Obviously, to satisfy their claims against Greece in the Aegean Sea, the Turks prefer to operate by provocations, provoke tensions and the threat of force using”, considers a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.


“We can note the fact that the flash behaviour of the Turkish side has coincided with the recent agreements with the EU on migration issue. One gets the impression that Ankara is now generally felt a universal ability to dictate its terms to Europe and blackmail her”, she noted.


“This policy is strange and very dangerous, can lead to further increasing of tensions in an already volatile region of the Eastern Mediterranean. In our opinion, it is fraught with serious consequences”, said Zakharova.




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