The alliance led by the United States is rapidly increasing its power on land, on water and in the air near the Russian borders. In such circumstances, Moscow’s reaction, which sends planes to inspect the American warship, located not far from a military base in Kaliningrad, is not surprising, says Cohen. 


US troops


At the same time, Washington and Brussels, significantly strengthening the military presence in Eastern Europe, are accusing Moscow of “provocations against NATO.” However in this case, namely the alliance is a provocateur, writes political scientist.


“Such NATO actions might remind to Russians about Nazi invasion in 1941 – the last time when such hostile forces were mobilized near the country’s borders”, emphasizes Cohen.


The question is how purposefully NATO and the United States are going to war with Russia, whether their actions are conscious or unconscious or they are nonconscious, as if “in a dream”, concludes the analyst.


Earlier, the new Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, General Curtis Scaparrotti urged alliance members to be constantly ready to counter threats from the “resurgent Russia”. At the same time Moscow has repeatedly stressed that it is not interested in fomenting confrontation, but is ready to give an adequate response to the actions of the West.




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