On Wednesday, the European Commission recommended the implementation of a visa-free regime with Turkey as part of the EU-Turkey deal on migration.


EU, Turkey


While 33 percent of Germans support the measure, 62 percent oppose allowing Turkish citizens to enter Europe without a visa. Respondents were also opposed to the migration deal with Turkey, with 57 percent against the accord and 39 percent in favor, results of the poll, which was published by the ARD broadcaster, revealed.


In mid-March, the European Union and Ankara agreed on a deal under which Turkey pledged to take back all undocumented migrants who arrive in the European Union through its territory in exchange for Syrian refugees accommodated in Turkey, on a one-for-one basis. In return, the 28-member bloc pledged to accelerate the Turkish EU accession bid and introduce a visa-free regime between Turkey and Europe.


Turkey has yet to meet EU requirements on human rights, press freedom and minority treatment before qualifying for the free travel deal.




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