Syria: Al-Nusra Front terrorists sabotage ‘silent’ period in Aleppo


Al-Nusra Front terrorists in Syria continue provocations seeking to escalate tensions in the northern part of the Latakia province and the city of Aleppo, which has resulted in the disruption of the “silent” period, the Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, said Wednesday.


Militants shell Aleppo district


“As a result of al-Nusra Front’s attack on the al-Zagra district and a massive shelling of other residential areas with the use of Hellfire systems, which led to heavy civilian casualties, the introduction of a “silent” period in Aleppo was sabotaged”.


“The Russian Center for Reconciliation and the US center in Amman (Jordan), as well as the Syrian government and moderate opposition representatives  are holding talks on the introduction of a “silent” period in Aleppo as soon as possible,” he said.


Konashenkov added that after consultations with Damascus and opposition, Moscow and Washington intended to introduce a “silent” period in Aleppo and its outskirts for 24 hours and later extend it for another two days.


The ceasefire in Syria, worked out by Russia and the United States, took effect on February 27 with terrorist groups such as Daesh and al-Nusra Front not being part of the agreement.


Russia and the United States brokered a “silent” period on Thursday to be implemented for 24 hours in the Damascus’ suburbs and for 72 hours in the northern Latakia province, starting at midnight on April 30.


Syria has been mired in civil war since 2011, with government forces fighting numerous opposition groups, including the Western-backed allegedly moderate factions, as well as terrorist formations.





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