“Split”: How Ukraine perished on May 2



The movie covers the events in Odessa (Ukraine) during the period from February to May 5, 2014.


20 Odessa’s local citizens center around May events in Odessa, and how they become its participants. They are representatives of different political and social movements: “Kulikovo Pole”, supporters and sympathizers of Euromaidan, radicals.


All of them are united by the fact that on May 2, they became direct participants of the events on the Greek square and in the House of Trade Unions. They analyze the events and speculate on the causes of those terrible tragedy.


The movie has no political assessments. This is an attempt to understand on the narrow-minded level, how the most peaceful town on the Black Sea, where the inhabitants have always been able to negotiate, split into two halves of bitter enemies, when one of this half is ready to kill another, only because their views do not coincide on the state system of modern Ukraine.





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