PRAGUE: Debates with the agenda about a possible withdrawal from the EU would be held in the lower house of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. 


Flags of Czech Republic and the European Union


This statement was made by members of the center-right political movement “Dawn – National Coalition”. Such initiative appeared after EU’s decision to introduce visa-free regime with Turkey.


“It is unacceptable that the 75-million Muslim country which is consciously cooperates with the “Islamic State” received “the green light” to enter the Czech Republic. The European Union has ceased to be an alliance that defends the interests of European citizens. It turned into a dictatorial organization”, said the chairman of “Dawn – National Coalition” Miroslav Lidinský. 


According to his supporters, it is necessary to stop the “suicidal policy of the European elites”. Representatives of the Czech Communist faction, the majority of deputies from the Civic Democratic Party and some members of parliament from the current government coalition parties rose their voices “For” it. 


By the projections of experts, the proposal for a constitutional initiative to hold a referendum on the issue of Czech Republic’s secession from the European Union won’t meet the support in parliament if a vote is taken.




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