The Nusra Front terrorist group has launched 60 missiles in an attack on the Syrian city of Aleppo over the past hour, killing nine people, an Aleppo militia source said on Tuesday. 


“Nusra Front fighters and their allies have launched 60 missiles on Aleppo in the past hour. Tishreen, Masaken, Al-Sabil and Al-Nil streets have sustained the most damage. Nine civilians have been killed and 45 have been injured,” the source told RIA Novosti. 


The militants began by firing at Christian areas of the city, the source said, adding that the missiles were launched from the Bani Zeid, Kafr Hamrah and Bustan al-Basha districts. 


The Nusra Front, which an extremist organization not included by the Syrian ceasefire agreement and outlawed in many countries, including Russia, has in recent days been increasingly active around Aleppo and in the Latakia province.  




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