LIVE: Protest against the government and systemic opposition in Montenegro



Today in Podgorica will be held another anti-government protest. It is timed to coincide with the meeting of Skupshina (Parliament) to address the question on the entering of the opposition into the government of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.


The opposition bloc “Democratic Front” strongly opposed to such a decision regarding the signing of such an agreement as “treacherous”, says the announcement of the meeting. “Democratic Front” itself is not going to return to Skupshina and called it illegitimate and corrupt.


Organizations that have signed a cooperation agreement with Djukanovic are a Social Democratic Party (SDP), Demos and URA.


From the autumn of last year in Montenegro do not subside anti-government protests the reason for which was a decision on the association of the country into NATO against the will of the overwhelming majority of citizens. That rally was brutally dispersed, but on subsequent resentment that smoldered for years and decades seething: unfair elections, corruption, nepotism in the power and the nominal function of “systemic” opposition – this is what, in the opinion of the Montenegrins, and has led to the possibility of adopting anti-people solutions.