No violations of the so-called regime of silence have been detected in Syria’s  Latakia province and the Damascus area since the regime entered into force.


Russia and the United States brokered a “regime of silence” on Thursday to be implemented for 24 hours in the Damascus’ suburbs and for 72 hours in the northern Latakia province, starting at midnight on April 30.


“The night in the Damascus suburbs and in Latakia went quietly. Since the start of the ‘regime of silence,’ there have been no violations in general,” the source said.


The Syrian army command has not officially commented on the situation with the “regime of silence” so far.


The Syrian General Staff has already confirmed that the ‘silent’ period has been implemented and that it will be in force for 24 hours in Damascus and its suburbs, and in Latakia and its suburbs for 72 hours.


The ceasefire in Syria, worked out by Russia and the United States, took effect on February 27 with terrorist groups not being part of the agreement.