Members the UN Security Council did not come to a consensus on a draft of declaration on the implementation of the Minsk agreements and events in Odessa proposed by Russia, May 2, 2014. The Russian permanent representative to the UN , Vitaly Churkin, placed the primary blame for the denial of the document on the US and the UK. According to Churkin, only the Ukrainian delegation reacted to the proposal within the last 24 hours calling it unacceptable , reported RIA Novosti.


Vitaly Churkin


The US Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Michel Sisson, announced that the US is ready to work on the application, in case it reflects the overall situation in Ukraine, which, according to her, due to the Russian actions has deteriorated.


The UK representative noted that the statement does not include the case on   the arrested for the murder of the Ukrainian journalist Nadezhda Savchenko , as well as the situation in Crimea . As Churkin said after the session to the reporters “the Americans and the British impudently did not allow to accept the statement that we offered for the press.”





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