Earlier on Friday, a source in the ceasefire task force told Sputnik that Russia and the United States had agreed to introduce a state of cessation of hostilities in northern Latakia province and suburbs of Damascus in Syria from midnight on April 30.


Syria, Aleppo


A source close to the intra-Syrian talks told Sputnik that the “period of silence” will be introduced in Syria for 24 hours in the capital city of Damascus and for 72 hours in the province of Latakia.


“This is great. This is what we need and want. It is very good news showing that Russia and the United States are effectively working for a new cessation of hostilities. Tranquility is exactly what we need on the ground to be able to undertake to land convoys to people in great need in Syria,” Egeland said.


He added that in May, the UN is planning to have the most ambitious plan so far to reach people in besieged areas and cross-fire areas in Syria.


“So this is very good news indeed,” Egeland added.


Russia and the United States should send a united signal to international parties and armed groups on the ground in Syria to respect their efforts in introducing a so-called regime of silence in northern Latakia province and suburbs of Damascus, accordin gto Jan Egeland.


“My strong appeal to the two powers is that they really need to get all other international parties to send a united signal to all of the armed groups on the ground to respect this effort to silence guns and fighting. Because one thing is to declare it, and a whole different thing is to make it happen in reality,” he said.


The senior adviser also added that the United Nations is now getting horrific reports on civilian suffering on the ground.


“We are also getting tremendous reports now on eight workers and medical workers being targeted and being killed. The way it is now, it cannot continue,” he said.




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