The material was provided by the hacker who cracked the mobile device of Yulia Timoshenko’s confidants. 


… What a bastard came to power after the last Maidan! They divide that was not devided by predecessors, they steal what yet was not stolen… You know, I think we have a very strong country – 25 years of plunder and it still holds on…


Our party has come out from this shameful coalition and went into the parliamentary opposition. We can not be accomplices of the mergering clans with corrupt politicians, we can not be complicited in putting Ukraine on the fronts of the true poverty of each Ukrainian family through mediocre hasty policy. All appropriate people in Ukraine believe that there’s an urgent need to completely reformat the authorities and to initiate early parliamentary elections. Tomorrow would be approved the new government – the Prime Minister Groisman, this means absolutely uncontrolled transfer of power to Poroshenko. The government is divided between Yatsenyuk and BPP (Bloc of Petro Poroshenko), begins a new stage of the robbery, the loss of time and opportunities, again the same rake, no one learned nothing. You probably think it’s strange and wild. I understand you. I understand and I ask, I address to you from myself and from all our patriots who on Ukrainian fronts gave their youth and health for us all. For that you have to be home. Come back home soon and join the struggle for Ukraine!…


…It’s already spring here. Time for new hopes, the time of new dreams. Millions of people in every Ukrainian house are praying for you, for your safety, for your life, for your freedom. This creates a great energy that nobody could win.


I embrace you and wait at home.


Yulia Timoshenko




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