Human rights activists from the United States and other countries demanded from the UN to investigate the tragedy that took place in Odessa, May 2, 2014.


Odessa House of Trade Unions


The petition, signed by more than 140 public figures from the US, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Finland, India and other countries, then the human rights activists handed it over to the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington. Also, the community leaders promised to come to Odessa on the anniversary of the tragic events to participate in the opening of the memorial.


The petition states that during the UN Committee on Human Rights meeting in Geneva on March 21, family members of those killed and injured, as well as their supporters asked to investigate the events of May 2, 2014, during which 48 people died.


“For their part, the forces that supported the coup (in Ukraine), express their disagreement with the necessity of such an investigation. Such a contradiction itself shows which party wants to reveal the truth, and which tends to conceal it”, said in the petition.


A significant part of the supporters lives in the United States, among which there are famous people. In particular, a petition was signed by the US Attorney Ramsey Clark.




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