An apartment of Valentine Lukiyanik, an organizer of numerous processions for the preservation of the unity with the Russian Orthodox Church was burned down in Kiev. 




“Valentine is sure that it was an arson. Probably something was thrown to the window, when no one was at home. It was in the morning, when everyone had gone to work. He lives on the second floor. And it’s not a problem to throw something to the window. Lukiyanik was going to hold a procession on the Victory Day with a prayer at the eternal flame on the graves of fallen soldiers. The heroes of the Great Patriotic War are buried there. But the procession still be”, said the leader of the “Slavic Party” Ivan Luzan.


Lukiyanik was one of the most active participants of the fight with Ukrainian nationalists who attacked the meeting of the Russian inhabitants of Kiev, on March 17.




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