Russian Film Festival opened in Greece with great success, the official opening ceremony was held at the Military Museum in Athens on Sunday evening. The first movie in the program was “Crimea. The Way Home”, directed by Andrey Kondrashov. 


poster to the Russian film festival


The attempts of the Ukrainian Embassy to disrupt screening of the film failed.


“The Hall of Military Museum, designed for about 650 people, was packed, about 150 people were standing in the aisles, many weren’t even able to enter the lobby of the hall. The screening was attended by representatives of the Greek Government, MPs, Greek artists and politicians, ordinary Greeks. The film about the Crimea was shown with the Greek subtitles. It will be shown in other cities of Greece”, told the co-organizer of the festival from the Greek side, President of the Greek-Eurasian alliance Xenofon Lambrakis.


Russian Film Festival takes place in the framework of cross year of Russia and Greece.




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