Local activists in the Kherson region started placing leaflets, warning locals on a possible “reformatting” of the region into the “Turkish lands”. Thus the local population declares that it is against the presence of Turks in their cities.


leaflet Kherson


“Khersonians! You are selling into a Turkish slavery!” – says the headline of the leaflet.


Local activists report that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko intends to give the land of the Kherson region under thr Turkish governing body.


“The e-mails between the Ukrainian officials showed the draft decree of the Ukrainian president Poroshenko on the establishment of the Crimean Tatar’s national autonomy on the territories of Crimea and Kherson region and the provision of land to Meskhetian Turks to live there”, says the leaflet. 


This information first appeared in the “CyberBerkut” investigation.




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