Montenegro’s main opposition alliance, composed mostly of pro-Serbian parties, said it will launch round-the-clock protests against the new interim government, which is going to be formed next week by the ruling coalition under Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and four opposition parties – DEMOS, civic movement URA, Socialdemocratic party and Socialist People’s Party.


Montenegro protest


The Democratic Front accused the four parties of making “a pact with Djukanovic”, by joining his cabinet, betraying the will of the voters.


“The announced joining of the unauthorized opposition to the cabinet of Milo Djukanovic… legitimizes political corruption and betrays the interests of Montenegrin citizens who want free and fair elections,” the alliance said.


After five month of negotiations, Montenegro’s ruling and opposition parties agreed to sign an agreement on ensuring free elections and so ending the country’ prolonged political crisis.  


Under the terms, the opposition parties – Demos, URA and the Social Democratic Party – will obtain five ministries before the elections and seats on the managing boards of 16 state institutions and six state-owned enterprises as well as representation in financial institutions such as the tax administration at municipal level.


The opposition parties also agreed with Djukanovic’s governing Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, that the Special Prosecution for Organised Crime will probe alleged violations of the electoral law and election fraud.


The Basic Prosecution Office is currently in charge of probing such offences but the opposition doubts its capacity to conduct investigations properly.


After the agreement is signed and submitted to parliament, a special law will be adopted to legally define its implementation and how state resources can be used.


When negotiations between Djukanovic and the opposition started last November, the Front rejected an invitation to attend the talks, saying only an interim government made up of all political factors – but without Djukanovic – was acceptable.


It has now called on the other opposition parties to reject the pact with Djukanovic, which it claims was “made on the orders of certain ambassadors” – not mentioning which ones.


“Choosing Djukanovic as an ally instead of Front … besides becoming permanently compromised, they [the opposition parties] are also accepting responsibility for another planned electoral fraud this autumn,” the alliance said.


The pro-Serbian alliance has been staging protests in the capital, Podgorica, since last September, demanding the resignation of Djukanovic, who has held power since the early 1990s.


Protests turned violent last October when police fired tear gas to disband the crowds and after opposition MPs attempted to enter the parliament but were prevented from doing so by police.


During the clashes between protesters and police, three opposition MPs we arrested. Two have since been accused of a coup attempt.


General elections are planned for autumn 2016, but the exact date has not yet been agreed.




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