European Union Association Agreement is detrimental to the national interests of Ukraine, said the leader of the “Union of Left Forces” Vasily Volga during a press conference dedicated to the presentation of “left alternative” program in Poltava. 


“We stand for an urgent denunciation of the agreement with the EU, which is detrimental to the national interests of Ukraine. Only in January 2016 compared to January last year, exports to the EU fell by 31%. So far, according to various estimates, the oligarchs have earned about UAH 50-70 billion, which were spent on the war, the citizens fell below the poverty line”, said Vasily Volga.


The leader of the United Left also added that Ukraine should become self-sufficient player in the foreign policy area. “Our country should be a member of space building of security and cooperation in the Eurasian continent. From the checkpoint between the East and the West Ukraine could become a bridge between continents”, added Vasily Volga.




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