He added that he hoped the sanctions would be lifted by the end of 2016, the Beta agency is reporting, quoting the Czech daily Pravo.


Zeman also said that low oil prices were “the real reason why the economy of Russia, but also of Saudi Arabia, is in great difficulties.”


The Czech president was visiting the town of Vlasim and the Sellier & Bellot ammunition factory when he “promised to help when it comes to jobs concerning the Czech army and also supported the arming of Czechs due to the refugee crisis.”


“After the assassination in Paris I changed my mind about the possession of weapons. If someone had a gun in their pocket in Paris everything could have been different,” said Zeman, according to the report.


He said he would most gladly use the ammunition he was given at the factory against reporters.


“I recently shot from a large-caliber automatic weapon from a helicopter at the military airport in Caslav. I aimed it at the first row and the journalists, and pulled the trigger. There was no ammunition in it,” said Zeman of the gun.


According to the report, that the Czech president recently caused a scandal when he told a joke advising his compatriots to “simply take a Kalashnikov” if they wished to get rid of their prime minister and the government.




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