Some four tonnes of humanitarian aid have been delivered to the Syrian villages of Badu and Jabriya in the Homs province, the Russian military said Wednesday.




“Another humanitarian action was carried out today in two Syrian settlements, Jabriya and Badu, which have recently signed up to the agreement on the cessation of hostilities,” Col. Igor Borodin, of Russia’s reconciliation center in Latakia, said.


The cargo included canned fish and meat, sugar, flour, grain, and bread baked in Syria using Russia-imported ingredients. Additionally, children received waffles, cookies, and sweets. Russian health workers set up a makeshift ward for residents in need of medical help.


Isa Abbas Kasem, the elected elder in Jabriya, said the village had lost 72 people in fighting against Islamist militants, and thanked Russia for its support.


A total of 64 Syrian settlements have signed up to the ceasefire treaty as of late Monday. Badu has been the latest addition to the treaty that seeks to put an end to bloodshed in the war-torn country.




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