On Tuesday, the survey conducted exclusively for Sputnik by Populus Ltd., a leading British polling company, revealed that majority of respondents in Germany and France, as well as almost half of those in the United Kingdom, believe their media and governments provide biased information about migrant crime.


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“Of course they do,” Ronald Gläser admitted, asked whether the German government and media intentionally understate the danger of migrants and their crimes in order to avoid islamophobia and anti-migrants sentiments in the country that received over a million refugees last year.


“Government authorities almost always belittle problems with foreigners and spread diversity propaganda instead,” the AfD spokesman said.


In Germany alone, 68 percent of those polled believe the information was biased with 25 percent of surveyed willing to trust their media and government, according to the survey.


After a wave of sexual assaults that hit Germany, most notably in Cologne, over 500 victims contacted police to press charges of sexual attacks and theft against men who they said were predominantly of North African origin.


“After New Year’s Eve state-controlled media tried its best to downplay the role of asylum seekers in the Cologne attacks against women. This was no singular incident,” Glaser stressed.


The German newspaper Bild found last December that the country’s authorities had ordered the police to hush up crimes involving migrant offenders to prevent public alarm. This came just days before Germany was shocked by a wave of sexual attacks on women by men with alleged migrant background.




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