On Tuesday, a survey conducted exclusively for Sputnik revealed that majority of respondents in Germany and France, as well as almost half of those in the United Kingdom, believed their media and governments provide biased information about migrant crime.


Men pray in migrant camp in Calais


“The leftist EU and home governments in Europe are desperate to cover up a tidal wave of migrant crime, especially sex attacks. They have allowed an invasion of mainly Muslim migrants to enter Europe and now the natives of Europe are paying the price,” Paul Golding said.


Golding said that the media reports on these issues were in fact generally disregarded by citizens who had no faith in such information.


“Britain, fortunately, is still some way behind in experiencing the crime wave that seems to follow in the wake of a migrant influx,” the party leader said.


Golding added that left-wing politicians in Europe would continue covering up migrant crimes.


“Politicians like Hollande and Merkel are dedicated to the transformation of France and Germany by mass immigration, in line with left-wing ideology. The only way to change the situation [with covering up migrant crimes] is to vote [against] them. Luckily, we still have the ability to do that in our limited and narrow democratic systems,” Golding said.


In December 2015, the German newspaper Bild discovered that the country’s authorities had ordered the police to hush up crimes involving migrant offenders to prevent public alarm. This came just days before Germany was shocked by a wave of sexual attacks on women by men with alleged migrant background.


The survey was conducted in Britain and Germany by Populus Ltd., a leading British polling company, on February 3 and 4, 2016. In France, the survey was held by IFop, a leading French polling company, from February 3 through 5, 2016. Two surveys involved 3,556 respondents (1,047 in Britain, 1,010 in Germany and 1,499 in France).




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