On the eve, in the village of Batajnica (Belgrade outskirts) has been held prayer for the dead Milica Rakić, a three years old victim of the NATO bombing in 1999, as well as a protest against any form of rapprochement of Serbia with the alliance.


Serbia, Milica memory


The meeting was jointly organized by several patriotic movements when approved by Milica’s parents. 


For 17 years Milica Rakić is a symbol of the suffering of the Serb people, particularly civilians, in the days of the bombardments. Innocent victim is called here ‘an angel’.


Serbia, Milica


Firstly, the priest held a prayer for the dead near the memorial plaque and then organizers of the meeting gave a speech in front of gathered people. 


“NATO terror is worse than Hitler’s. We are tolerating it for already 25 years. However we were struggling it so hard that even after 15 years of actual occupation the world still believes in us”, said chairman of the Movement for Serbia Vladimir Krsljanin. “We demand the immediate cancellation of all agreements with NATO!”


Serbia against NATO


“It’s incredible how the criminal aggression of NATO is trying to be forgotten”, said an officer of the Republika Srpska Branislav Okuka. “How an enemy could be called a friend? And why it is done? Because we were chosen a destiny for which we have to disappear. We pray to the heavenly Milica so that no one will never forget the death and the crimes.”




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