Szczerski said that Poland agreed to the meeting, provided that the number one topic will be the issue of Ukraine.


“We are against isolating Russia, which does not mean that we support the lifting of sanctions. We want sanctions to remain in place, because they are legal instruments to respond to the violations of international law. At the same time we must stress that the political isolation of Russia is not our goal,” Szczerski told the PAP news agency.


He stressed that the fact that the meeting is taking place does not mean that relations between the Alliance and Russia will shortly return to normal, that is to the situation before Russian aggression in Ukraine.


“The idea is to resume the communication channel, so that Russia receives a clear message that NATO is an Alliance, which will take care of the security of its immediate surroundings,” Szczerski added.


The formal meeting on 20 April will be the first NATO holds with Russia in almost two years, the Alliance said. The topics on the agenda include the Ukrainian crisis and the reduction of military risks.




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