On the eve of April 12, in Serbia and Republika Srpska was paid tribute to the memory of Russian volunteers who gave their lives for the brotherly people.





Traditionally on this day the largest and most public events were held in the town of Visegrad in Republika Srpska. Here, on April 12, 1993 were killed three Russians. In their honor was established a memorial. 


At the ceremony wreaths on the graves of the fallen volunteers were layed representatives of the Republika Srpska and other many social movements.




As was noted in their speeches, this demonstration is broader than the remembrance of the victims of the Yugoslav wars of the nineties of the last century. The Serbs remember Russian soldiers who pour blood during the First and Second World Wars, and in earlier times. The historical relations of Serbia and Russia are unique in that these countries have never fought and were always on the same side. 


The participants of the action expressed support for the current Russian foreign policy actions, particularly in the fight against international terrorism.




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