Over one tonne of bread was delivered to the town from Hama, where it had been baked from flour supplied by Russia. A further two tonnes of flour, sweets, canned food and sugar were delivered as part of Syria’s national reconciliation process.


humanitarian aid


Deir al-Fardis was recaptured by the Syrian army three months ago, according to the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation. The town had previously been under rebel control for three years, with some local residents joining rebel ranks.


“This village was not under government control, the rebels were in control. It is worth mentioning that many of them behaved properly, as they were village residents themselves. They did not destroy anything here, unlike what has happened elsewhere,” the local administration head said.


Armed locals, many of whom were forcibly mobilized into rebel ranks or took up arms for self-protection, laid down weapons immediately once government forces arrived, according to locals.


The ceasefire between Syrian government forces and rebels took effect on February 27 and has been described as largely holding despite violations.




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