In Bucharest, Romania, on the square near the presidential palace Cotroceni was held a rally against the building of the mosque which was initiated and financed by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.




Activists fear that the mosque would become a place of recruiting radical Islamists and terrorists, including ISIS militants. 


More than 400 protesters chanted “Erdogan is a threat for a peaceful Europe”, “Erdogan’s Mosque – a hotbed of terrorists”, “The mosque – a place of recruitment”, “Erdogan buys oil from the ISIS” and others. 


The mosque can become a stronghold of traditional Islam only if it controlled by Muslim leaders who can not only read the correct preaching, but also suppress hostile propaganda on their territory. That is why we demand to end the building of a mosque controlled by Erdogan.


In addition, the protesters asked the President of Romania to stop contacts with Erdogan and Diaconu MP threatened him with impeachment if citizens demands are not required.