No one has ever made joining NATO a condition for our EU membership, says Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, noting that Serbia maintains fair relations with NATO, cooperating through the Partnership for Peace programme, like countries such as Russia and Armenia.


“I do not understand why some criticise this. Some people want hostility with NATO, and I do not want that. We can join the EU without NATO membership, no one is imposing that on us, (NATO Secretary General Jens) Stoltenberg has said that it is up to us,” Vucic said.


“I am asking those hotheads: will we go to war again?” Vucic said, adding that NATO committed an act of aggression in 1999, but that he does not want to lead Serbia into a conflict with the alliance.


“It is better that we learn from them and cooperate with them, go to peacekeeping operations, just like we are cooperating with the Russians and others,” Vucic said on a TV B92 talk show.




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