The Netherlands can not continue the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union due to the fact that the vast majority of citizens voted against the document.


This was stated by the Dutch PM Mark Rutte on his Facebook page.


“If the referendum results will remain the same as today (after the publication of the first results of the exit poll), we can not proceed with the ratification of the Association Agreement with Ukraine. That is my political opinion”, he stressed.


Rutte also said that “against” camp clearly won, but the government will wait for the final results. 


“We will go step by step. After discussing the results in the government we will talk over with the Parliament and our European partners. We will spare no time for that. The process will take not days but weeks”, he noted. 


Recall, that yesterday on April 6, in the Netherlands was held a referendum on the Association Agreement with the EU. Preliminary voting results appeared to be a disaster for Ukraine.




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