The turnout for the referendum in the Netherlands on the issue of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement  is 32%, according to the updated data by Dutch-based IPSOS Research Bureau.


Voters in the Netherlands referendum have overwhelmingly rejected the expansionist European Union (EU) in a referendum held today, though at the time of going to publish, concerns are raging about the low turnout in the plebiscite.


Polls closed at 9pm local time (8pm GMT/3pm EST), and exit polls by IPSOS and NOS have claimed the turnout was just 32 per cent, one per cent lower than the number required for the referendum to have validity.


But of those who voted in the citizen-initiative referendum, around 64 per cent reportedly voted against the EU’s association agreement with Ukraine. While the referendum is on a technical issue to do with the bloc’s relationship with Ukraine, and an inevitable EU membership for the Eastern European country, voters are said to have treated the plebiscite as a vote on their confidence in the EU and their country’s membership of it.


The Electoral Council, the central electoral committee, will present the official result on April 12 in The Hague.




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