The negative voting results of the Dutch referendum on Ukraine’s association with the European Union would signalize “the end of the Ukrainian dream”.


In February, the Ukrainian government has received a warning from the head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde.


“I don’t see the significant progress in streamlining of economic governance, in the fight against corruption, in reducing the influence of private interests on the policy”, said Lagarde.


Now, the name of President Poroshenko also appears in the “Panama Papers”. This offshore scandal broke at the worst possible moment for Poroshenko, even if he had not committed any offence of law.


Political chaos and high levels of corruption hit the Ukrainian economy as it is. If the treaty on association between Ukraine and the EU has not come into operation, it will certainly become “the end of the Ukrainian dream” as well as provoke a new crisis in Europe. Europe faces a dilemma: whether to continue providing assistance to Ukraine or to allow it to become a bankrupt.




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