According to the survey, one thirds of the Dutch (33%) do not support the political and economic association between the EU and Ukraine. Polling data were obtained through a survey conducted by research company Populus. 


According to a Sputnik’s survey, every third inhabitant of the Netherlands – 33%, or 3.5 million people are against the association between Ukraine and the EU. Also it is high percentage of those who either or neutral, or do not have an opinion on the matter – 28% and 20%, respectively. The percentage of those who are in favor of, amounted to only 19% percent of the total population of the Netherlands.


The survey was conducted in the Netherlands, byt one of the UK’s leading research companies Populus from March 4 to 9, 2016. 1004 respondents aged over 18 years were involved. The sample represents the population by gender, age, geography and profession.




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