The Dutch public will go to the polls on Wednesday to decide whether to back a European treaty which seeks to strengthen ties with Ukraine. However, polls show that the majority of those in the Netherlands are opposed to closer links with Kiev.

Protest in Amsterdam


A poll carried out by Maurice de Hond on Sunday showed that 66 percent of those who say they will definitely vote will back the ‘No’ campaign, with only 25 percent supporting a ‘Yes’ vote, according to Reuters. 


In order for the referendum to be considered valid, 30 percent of the Dutch population eligible to vote must cast their ballots. Pollsters TNS Nipo have forecast turnout of 32 percent.


However, it would seem that not everyone will be going to the polls. “I’m not voting,” Gijs, a driving instructor in Amsterdam, told Reuters. “I can’t understand what this referendum is about, and I can’t understand why it was called.”


In September, satirical news website GeenStijl collected over 450,000 signatures to force the Netherlands to hold a non-binding referendum concerning the EU’s planned association agreement with Kiev. Under Dutch law, any petition that gains more than 300,000 is enough to trigger such a vote.




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