A field source told SANA that the army units in the airport destroyed two ISIS heavy-bombed vehicles tried to move towards the airport from the two villages of al-Jaffra and al-Mureihya in the eastern countryside of the city.


The destruction of the two vehicles was followed by heavy clashes between the army and ISIS. Heavy losses were inflicted upon terrorists in personnel and weaponry while others were forced to flee away.


Meanwhile, a military source confirmed that a military unit destroyed 4 vehicles loaded with ISIS terrorists and ammunition in al-Jaffra together with another vehicle in al-Sina’a district in Deir Ezzor city.


The field source confirmed that scores of ISIS terrorists were killed and injured in a special operation for an army unit against their positions in Howijet al-Saqer area at the eastern outskirts of Deir Ezzor city.




The Syrian army’s air force carried out intensive sorties on the gatherings of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization in the surrounding of al-Qaryatain city and the eastern countryside of Palmyra.


The airstrikes destroyed terrorists’ hideouts and several vehicles which were equipped with medium and heavy machineguns nearby al-Qaryatain city, 85 km southeast of Homs City, a military source told SANA reporter.


The source added that the air forces also targeted terrorists’ positions and fortifications in al-Sawaneh al-Sharqiyeh village and Khneifis town, 70 km south of Palmyra City, destroying their equipment and vehicles.


Yesterday, several terrorists were killed and others were injured, their equipment and armament were destroyed as the Syrian army units targeted two terrorist groups gathered south to wells 101 and 105 in the direction of Shaer and northwest of Tolol Nizam in the eastern countryside of Homs province.




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