Armenian Defense Ministry has officially confirmed the information about active offensive actions of the Azerbaijani armed forces along the entire contact line of Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan on the night of April 1. 


The Azerbaijani side using tanks artillery and air forces tried to penetrate deep into the defensive line of the NKR and come into tactical positions. Currently, as a result of active operations conducted by the NKR Defense Army across the line of resistance, Azerbaijani armed forces were driven back incurring huge losses. The fighting continues. 


The Armenian Defense Ministry strongly condemns the unprecedented aggressive and irresponsible decision of the Azerbaijani authorities on outbreaking of hostilities and officially declares that their continuation could lead to unpredictable consequences for the Azerbaijani side.


All responsibility for the unprecedented injection of the situation on the contact line lies on the authorities of Azerbaijan. 


The Armenian Defense Ministry  appeals to the international community and, in particular, to the OSCE Minsk Group to turn attention to the situation and expects an immediate intervention to bring the situation under control in order to avoid large-scale hostilities.




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