Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ranks sixth on the list of 100 richest people in Ukraine with his fortune estimated at $858 mln, according to the Forbes Ukraine magazine.


Over the past year Poroshenko’s fortune has grown by $100 mln, which allowed him to move up from the eighth place to the sixth place, the magazine said.


Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov has retained his leading position on the list.


His fortune reduced by $4.6 bln over the last year and is now estimated at $ 2.3 billion.


According to the magazine the decrease was due to decline in world prices for iron ore and metal, as well as lower demand for products mining and metallurgical complex in the country.


Tycoon Igor Kolomoisky with $ 1.3 billion ranks second on the list.


The magazine notes that “over the past five years, the fortune of the richest resident of Dnipropetrovsk decreased by more than twice.”


His companion, a co-owner of the Privat group Gennadiy Bogolyubov managed to keep his fortune on the same level – $1.3 bln.


Another Ukrainian billionaire, the owner of the Interpipe corporation Viktor Pinchuk moved down from the second place to the fourth one losing about $ 300 mln. Now his fortune is estimated at $ 1.2 bln, the Forbes Ukraine magazine said.


Owner of the Mironovsky Kheboprodukt company Yuri Kosyuk closed the top five of Ukrainian richest.


Forbes Ukraine sums up that in general the state of Top 100 reduced by a quarter and now totals only $20 bln. The magazine attributes the decrease to the fall in prices of raw materials, halts of plants and factories in the area of ··military operation in Donbass (Eastern Ukraine), as well as to the loss of the Russian market.