Young activists from the «MNJEnje» group prior to the 17th anniversay of NATO agression against Yugoslavia held an opinion poll on the streets of Danilovgrad city. They have asked residents of city on which streets fell first American bombs about their relation of Montenegro’s accession to the military alliance. 



“Supporters of NATO in Montenegro often said that the main demand and advantage of NATO is the power of law, and the only argument against are emotions that evolved from the 1999 bombing, – said at the beginning of the video. – That’s why we have decided to move away from emotions and check how NATO is relevant to law”.


The activists asked their fellow citizens if an attack on Yugoslavia has been justified from the point of international law view. 


– The killing of innocent civilians and the attack on the country can not be legitimate.


– No. That was a big mistake. A war crime.


– As a professional lawyer, I can say that NATO bombings were irrelevant to the authority of law. First of all, to do this, there should have been the decision of the United Nations but there wasn’t such a decision. Secondly, Yugoslavia was not a member of NATO, and NATO had no right to make an intervention into its territory. It was a classic aggression, criminal action, which we can now see in other countries…




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