MP: The Dutch will vote against association with Ukraine to show their attitude to the EU


At the referendum, which will be held in the Netherlands on April 6, will come populists and they won’t express their opinion on Ukraine but vote against the European Union in general. Therefore, there’re should not be hope for a positive result for Ukraine, considers the MP of the Dutch Parliament Sybe Schaap.


Sybe Schaap


A referendum on the Agreement on the association of Ukraine and the EU is not directed against the Ukrainians. Its main purpose is to express skepticism about the European Union. This opinion was expressed by a member of the Dutch Parliament Sybe Schaap (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy) during an interview. 


“This referendum has very little to do with Ukraine. A number of politicians who are skeptical and critical to the European Union is growing in the Netherlands. And they are ready to vote against, just to express their stance on the EU”, said the MP.


In addition, he predicts that less than half of the population will take part in the referendum and most of them will vote against the association. 


Recall, the chairman of the organizing committee, historian Arjan van Dixhoorn believes that the referendum in the Netherlands concerning the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement is aimed not against Ukraine but at the Netherlands exit from the EU.


“We do not care about Ukraine, you have to understand this”, says Dixhoorn.


“Referendum on the Netherlands exit from the EU is now impossible. In that case we’re grasping for any chance to put pressure on the relationship between the Netherlands and the EU”, explains the head of the organizing committee.


In turn, the Dutch PM Mark Rutte during an interview with said that Ukraine should never join the European Union. He explains this position by the fact that Ukraine should have good relations both with Europe and Russia. And it won’t be possible if Ukraine will become an EU member.





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