Turkey is closely following the progress of the Kurdish self-defense forces in the north of Syria and is ready to resume the shelling of their positions if the Kurdish armed forces will cross the line between the cities of Jarabulus and Azaz.


Turkish forces positions


According to a military source, the Syrian defense forces are preparing to release the town of Manbij, which is 40 kilometers from the Jarabulus city which borders with Turkey.


The Turkish army will not intervene in Syria if the Kurdish formation will cross the Jarabulus-Azaz line, however, the Turkish artillery stationed in the border area, will begin intensive fire on the positions of the Syrian Kurds, says a source.


The US supports the Kurds in the north of Syria, because they believe that those are struggling with ISIS. Earlier, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly criticized the US for its support of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) which is related to the banned Workers’ Party in Turkey (PKK) as Ankara considers, and urged the US government to make a choice between Turkey and the PYD. But Washington refuses to recognize the PYD as a terrorist organization and has repeatedly urged Ankara to stop shelling the positions of the Kurdish self-defense forces in the Syrian border area.




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