The referendum on the EU association agreement with Ukraine goes on neck-to-neck race. A poll conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows that 25 percent of voters are in favor of the agreement and the same part – against.


EU referendum


In any case, it seems that superabundant amount of people will participate in voting to make the referendum valid. 49 percent of voters say they will come (thus well above the 30 percent that is needed) and vote on April 6. The interesting fact is that more than half of them still did not make a choice. 


Veldkamp organisation that works on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had conducted several polls since October, shortly after it was announced that there would be a referendum.


Now almost everyone knows that there would be a referendum. If to compare with October, only 47 percent of voters knew about it, now their number is 85 percent. 36 percent say they have no idea what the referendum is about. In October 2015 that figure was 50 percent. 


Translated from the Dutch by Catherine Nollan




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