The Ministry of Education will apply the “educational measures” to ‘Petar Prvi Njegos’ senior class pupils in Danilovgrad, for the fact that on March 24, on the day of 17th anniversary of the beginning of the NATO aggression in Yugoslavia, the students held a Memorial Event in school. 



The group of students during a break had turned on the sound of air-raid, which in Serbia and Montenegro is traditionally used in the memory of victims of the bombing campaigns and protests against Euro-Atlantic integration. After they ran down the paper airplanes that simulate the bombers. 


The famous song “Won’t forgive you for our children” had completed the event. 


Flashmob, has not been agreed with the school management. But the amateur video has instantly became a hit in local Serbian Internet, high-school students have received tremendous support. 


After the Ministry of Education announced the decision to punish teenagers for knowing the tragic dates of their history, near the department building had been held a rally of youth and women of the opposition bloc “Democratic Front” in Podgorica. 





The participants noted that the students did not violate any law, except unspoken rule: to be silent about everything that the pro-Western government does not like. They held the paper airplanes and posters with words of support to the students and condemnation of the Ministry of Education. 


It is interesting to note that the participants of the event were about 17 years – how many years have passed since the NATO aggression. Namely for this generation, which is not remembering the war, are hunting Western structures in Montenegro.




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