Less than two weeks in the Netherlands will hold a referendum on the approval of Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement. On April 6,  the Dutch will be asked to answer the question: “Are you for or against the ratification of the Agreement on the association between the European Union and Ukraine”?


The approaching historical date has created a panic in the leadership of Ukraine. One by one, the Ukrainian politicians have begun to realize that the European community will not support the Ukrainians, and the association with the EU could be tightened once again.


In addition, most of the Dutch people have been understanding the seriousness of the “friendship” with Ukraine and have intensified campaign against Ukrainians. On top of that, the Ukrainian authorities because of their incompetence, have commited a number of mistakes, which resulted in a negative response in the EU. Firstly, in Lviv was broken up a festival of sexual minorities, and then the Ukrainian law enforcers announced about “the hunt for gays”. 


Caught in an impasse, the head of the Ukrainian Finance Ministry Natalya Yaresko in haste makes a letter and sends it to the USA addressed to Victoria Nuland with the requirement on extention of the referendum’s date.




Managed by the West Europe has not yet responded to such a request, but it is possible that the remaining half of the week the US will put pressure on the EU democracy. 


Recall that the Netherlands is the only EU member state that has not ratified the 394-page agreement on association of Ukraine and the EU.




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